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3 months ago

Joining in the #bearhunt or is that #beerhunt ? Either way, it's for the wee ones (Ok, so it's a moose, it's still cute and cuddly!!) 😀

5 months ago
Jasper becomes the purrfect burglar

At least the Sox are still intact!! 🙂

A suburb of Christchurch has been hit by a strange crime wave - and the culprit is not pussyfooting around. Jasper the cat lives on Wiggins St in...

6 months ago

This is my annoyed face; I’m annoyed with Dad ‘cause he should be apologising ‘cause he stuffed up.

If you’ve joined our waiting list in the last 6 months I’m sorry to say that your ... See more

8 months ago
Burmese Cat Club of New Zealand - North Island

UPDATE: Jazz has a new home 💜

Adult Burmese looking for a new home

Location: East Auckland

For more information, please contact the person advertised on the flyer directly.

We have been ... See more

9 months ago
The Cat's Pajamas Photography

Lexi at her first show yesterday in the companion Class. She did well getting 3 x BIS, 1 x R/up BIS and then went on to be named as the Supreme Companion/Domestic Exhibit. Many thanks to Cat’s ... See more

9 months ago
The Cat's Pajamas Photography

Gr Pr Soxndots Miss Muffet (Coco) - Lilac Tortie

10 months ago
The Cat's Pajamas Photography

Last year Neeko fostered a tiny wee chocolate Birman kitten named Cookie. Here he is all grown up, such a gorgeous boy with such an amazing temperament. I always look forward to seeing him at the ... See more

10 months ago
The Cat's Pajamas Photography

The gorgeous Pr Soxndots Miss Muffet. Cocoa loves being on the Show bench and is absolutely in her element. She has a great temperament.

Her results from Sunday were:

2 x Best in Show
3 x 3rd Best ... See more

10 months ago

Mum, there’s a random Sphynx cat in the lounge!!! MUM!!!!! THERE’S A.......... Hosting Emma and Christine from Palmerston North at the Canterbury All Breeds cat show today ... See more

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