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1 day ago

Anyone missing an entire male Burmese that could of made his way to Avonhead. If so check post on lost and found pets Christchurch

2 weeks ago
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We would like to welcome Neeko and Richie’s Monsters Inc litter born this evening. Very large babies, Mum and babies doing well.

3 weeks ago

We would like welcome Ella and Rocci’s babies born on 29th of April, a wee bit earlier than they should have been. The very small girl born weighing just 46 grams is a real fighter and she has ... See more

1 month ago

1 month ago
Photos from Sox 'N' Dots Burmese's post

We would like to welcome Coco and Richie’s babies born last night. 6 babies - last baby born by emergency caesarean. Very thankful to Jacoba and Lucy at West Melton Vet Centre for coming in and ... See more

2 months ago

2 months ago

Joining in the #bearhunt or is that #beerhunt ? Either way, it's for the wee ones (Ok, so it's a moose, it's still cute and cuddly!!) 😀

3 months ago
Jasper becomes the purrfect burglar

At least the Sox are still intact!! 🙂

A suburb of Christchurch has been hit by a strange crime wave - and the culprit is not pussyfooting around. Jasper the cat lives on Wiggins St in...

4 months ago

This is my annoyed face; I’m annoyed with Dad ‘cause he should be apologising ‘cause he stuffed up.

If you’ve joined our waiting list in the last 6 months I’m sorry to say that your ... See more

7 months ago
Burmese Cat Club of New Zealand - North Island

UPDATE: Jazz has a new home 💜

Adult Burmese looking for a new home

Location: East Auckland

For more information, please contact the person advertised on the flyer directly.

We have been ... See more

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