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Common Questions

Last updated 10 February 2019

How long do Burmese live?
Burmese often live anywhere from 12 to 18 years and longer.

What can I expect from my Burmese temperament-wise?
Never a dull moment.  Just like humans you can expect a cat that is as individual as you are.  They are confident, perhaps a little too trusting, extremely focused and determined, and they maintain their playful extincts throughout their lives.  They are widely renowned for being the dogs of the cat world so they will often follow you around, demand attention, and if you’re lucky your Burmese may even play fetch too.  They love company, especially from humans and will always respond positively to a friendly “Hello”.

Do we let our cats outside?
Our Queens and Studs all have access to outside enclosures to sunbath in and play with the bugs.  They are never allowed to roam free.

We’d like our Burmese to be allowed outside to roam free.  How do you feel about this?
It is entirely up to you however there are risks involved with Burmese especially that you should be aware of.  Due to their impulsive nature they tend to ignore everything else beyond what they’re focusing on.  Burmese are not road savvy and given the opportunity they will jump in cars for a nap, your visitors may not even realise that your Burmese has jumped in their car and can see them end up miles away from home.   If you’d like your Burmese to experience the great outdoors, perhaps look at investing in some sort of containment around your property if possible, or maybe a catio. 

What do we mean by “Retired” Queen?
A Retired Queen is an adult Burmese female which has previously been used within our breeding program.  They are spayed and are available for placement to suitable homes.  Often they will accompany one of their kittens to aid in their transition. 

Why do we spay/neuter kittens before they go to their forever homes?
As a registered breeder, it is our responsibility to ensure that all cats that we bring into this world are not bred from inappropriately.   This includes the crossing of Burmese with other unapproved breeds or moggies.   We also feel there are enough undesexed cats and kittens turning up at animal shelters. 

Why do we hold onto kittens until they’re 12 weeks old?
Before they go to their new forever home, kittens are desexed and to do this safely they must weigh a minimum of 1 kilo.  Some kittens will achieve this weight earlier than others but generally they reach this milestone after around 10 weeks.  At this point, kittens are microchipped, desexed, and vaccinated.  We like to hold onto them for a few days afterwards to monitor their progress and ensure there have been no complications .  So often, we may let them go after 11 weeks but generally it is 12 weeks. 

I get allergies to cat dander.  Burmese are hypoallergenic, aren’t they?
Not strictly true.   Though some cat owners can tolerate Burmese, the breed isn’t hypoallergenic given that Burmese can produce the same dander that any other breed can therefore will cause allergies.   If you do have an allergy to cats, the best way to test your allergies is to visit the home of a Burmese breeder and handle the cats to determine what type of reaction might occur. 

With so many cats at the SPCA and Cat Protection organizations.  Why should I buy a pedigree cat?
There are many advantages to acquiring a pedigree Burmese from a responsible breeder.  For a start, pedigree cats have predictable temperaments and given that kittens are raised in our home there is high potential for them to be well socialized also. 

If kittens are raised in our home, do they roam the house?
Not exactly.  We have rooms in our home that we have been sectioned off for just Mum and her babies each of which has an area of at least 3.6m².  They will live within this environment for at least the first month where they can get used to the noises of a busy household.  After this, we bring them out to the living area of our home for some supervised exploration, socialization and some playtime.  Eventually, this is extended to the rest of the house in short supervised bursts but for the most part they will remain within their kitten room with Mum until they’re ready to go to their forever home. 

Do we ship kittens nationally?
Yes we do.   All Kittens are flown on Air New Zealand and require an airline approved cat carrier.  This can either be purchased for you on your behalf or we can fly the kitten in one of our carriers but you will be required to pay courier fees to have the carrier returned to us within 7 days.  Two kittens can be transported in the same carrier.  Kittens being flown require a different vaccination schedule due to them requiring both vaccinations (there will be an additional charge for the second vaccination). As of Oct 2018, Air New Zealand altered the rules on shipping animals. Price on application.

Are our kittens vaccinated?
Yes, we choose to vaccinate at 10 weeks to avoid any reactions to the vaccination.  Their second vaccination is due at 14 weeks which is at the new owners cost.  All kittens must remain indoors until after they receive their second vaccination. 

What do we feed our cats?
Each of our cats gets a mixture of wet meat and dry biscuits.  Wet meat is usually Royal Canin, Maranui, or Feline Natural.   Royal Canin bikkies are provided daily for them to graze on as they please.

What is Hypokalaemia?
Hypokalaemia is a debilitating disease which can often prove fatal.  It is characterized by periodic bouts of skeletal muscle weakness which can affect the whole body but is most noticeable in the neck muscles.    The cat will tend to adopt a “meerkat” posture and will have difficulty walking and jumping.   The severity of symptoms will range from slight muscle weakness to complete collapse. 

What type of litter do our cats use?
Depending on the cat we use either recycled paper litter (in pellet form) or Pussydo cat litter with sifting litter trays 

If I’m interested in obtaining a kitten/retired queen from Sox’N’Dots Burmese, how do I go about it?
On our Contact page is a link to join our Waiting List where you can register your interest.   You can select your gender and colour preferences from this page also.

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