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Sophie & Lui

The name Sox ‘N’ Dots came about due to the habits of Sophie and Lui. 

Sophie since a young age has had a real passion for Glen’s woollen work socks – merino appeared to be her favourite – often seen darting down the hall with a pair of socks in her mouth which she was very good at fishing from the sock drawer. She would then chew on the socks – leaving large holes. 

Lui goes absolutely loony often running himself ragged after the red laser pointer dot – he is often seen chasing the dot round in circles and even leaping up the walls to get to the Dot. 

Both Sophie and Lui have been attending Cat Shows in the Canterbury area since they were  kittens and have won many awards and ribbons. As at the end of 2013 their show titles were as follows:

Brz Dbl Gr Pr Lyngary Lady Sophie Rose

Brz Dbl Gr Pr Lyngary Espresso Ninja

Named after our favourite coffee Barista extraordinaire – Luciano Marcolino of Luciano Espresso Bar

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