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Our Facilities

Kitten Rooms

Kitten Rooms facilities

Depending on our Queens, we generally have kittens throughout the year. We like to limit each queen to just the one litter per year as it’s better for the overall condition of the cat (and us!). Each Queen and their litters have their own private room to bring their kittens up within. However, there have been exceptions to this rule where two Queens have buddy’ed up becoming inseparable and are therein happiest when both them and their litters are all together. This is especially good for the mental states of the cats and as it turns out, socialization of their litters too

Kittens Outdoor Run

Kittens outdoor run facilities

Once kittens get to a certain age of around 8 weeks and depending on the weather, we like to give them a little bit of time to experience the outdoors if the weather is nice. Out here they can sunbath and play in the sun in a north facing, locked, escape proof enclosure.

Queens Outdoor Run

Queens outdoor run facilities

This is the outdoor enclosure off the Queens off-season dwelling. Though it does face south, there are perches that get full sun from early morning until early evening. Grass on the ground for their digestive systems, and shrubbery around to attract bugs to play with. It’s escape proof and kept locked for their security.

Stud Enclosure

Richie's indoor stud enclosure facilities

This is an example of our three Stud enclosures; this one is Richie’s. All three are at least 3.6m², north facing and offer full protection from the elements.  Each stud lives a solitary life when they don’t have a queen with them so they each have a daily ritual of pats/cuddles to keep them happy. Their bedding boxes (which Richie is sitting on) are 900mm wide x 700mm deep x 800mm high, fully insulated, contain a wardrobe heater for their comfort, with either a snuggle sack or pet bed, and during the colder months they each have a Snuggle Safe to keep them warm. The ambient temperature within their boxes never gets below 9 degrees on the frostiest of mornings.

Studs Outdoor Run #1

Richies Outdoor Run facilities

This is Richie’s private outdoor run and is at least 8m² that he has free access to. This faces the north-east, gets full sun throughout the day, and has plenty of perches for him to sunbath on and leap onto our shoulders from. This sits directly next to the Queens outdoor run given Richie’s temperament is so laid back. He is not a typical stud cat.

Studs Outdoor Run #2

Rocci's outdoor stud run facilities

This is Rocci’s private outdoor run and like Richies is at least 8m² also. This faces the north and also gets full sun throughout the day along with plenty of perches to sunbath on. He can freely access his outdoor enclosure whenever he feels likes it via a sky bridge connected to his quarters. Rocci has figured out that the sky bridge also doubles as an excellent sunbathing spot during those frosty mornings when the sun is rising. Smart cat!

Studs Outdoor Run #3

Memphis's outdoor run and indoor enclosure facilities

This is Memphis’s outdoor run and is at least 9m² that he has free access to. This faces the north, gets full sun throughout the day, and has plenty of perches for him to sunbath on and leap onto our shoulders from.

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