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About Us

Our love of Burmese began when we welcomed Sophie (Blue Burmese) into our home. An incredibly intelligent little Madam, Sophie soon took over the household and had begun running our poor moggies ragged with some of her antics. We went back to the Breeder looking for a friend for Sophie – we saw Lui (Seal Burmese) and knew he was a perfect little friend for Sophie.

We had what we affectionately called “NASCAT” – this involved Sophie and Lui flying at full speed around the house – up the hall, around the bedroom, back up the hall and around the lounge in a circuit – continuously until they were ready to nap. One of their awake periods was at midnight when we were trying to sleep. 

The Burmese bug had well and truly bitten – we decided that we would look into the possibility of becoming breeders.

We approached Lyn and Lew Clarke of Recherche Burmese about the possibility of obtaining a Breeding Queen. We went to visit one day where we saw a little bundle of trouble in the form of a chocolate Burmese (our first memory of her was watching her climb up Lew’s inside leg).

We returned several times to visit this little ratbag and decided that she was definitely the one we wanted to begin our Breeding Program with.

Recherche Yedida aka Izzie joined us in May 2013. If we thought Sophie and Lui could be naughty, Izzie just added a new dimension to naughtiness. The rangehood, top of doors and the top the kitchen cabinetry were all places she managed to conquer very quickly.

So, the name Sox ‘N’ Dots came about due the habits of Sophie and Lui.  Sophie since a young age has had a real passion for Glen’s woollen work socks – merino appeared to be her favourite – often seen darting down the hall with a pair of socks in her mouth which she was very good at fishing from the sock drawer. She would then chew on the socks – leaving large holes.

Lui goes absolutely loony often running himself ragged after the red laser pointer dot – he is often seen chasing the dot round in circles and even leaping up the walls to get to the Dot.

Sox'N'Dots Burmese