It’s great being an indoor cat during winter

Cats love their comfort, and ours are no different. Our cats just love the log burner during the cold winter months.  They love it so much in fact, that I’ll often find one or two of them waiting for me to light it upon my arrival home from work at night.  If you look carefully in this picture, you’ll see in the top right-hand corner a pair of my socks on the top tier of the clothes airer; generally they’re out of reach of Sophie there……mostly :-)
From the left is Coco, Zeva, Izzie, Abbie, Ted-E and in the foreground is Sophie.

Fire Hogs

Ted-E’s Big Day Out at Animates

We had a great day at the Burmese Cat Event that Animates Tower Junction held today.   Thanks to the Burmese Cat Club of NZ Southern Region show committee for getting in behind this event and bringing their cats along for the public to enjoy.

It was lovely to meet people that had seen the advertisement for this event on the Animates and Sox’N’Dots Facebook pages who specifically came along to meet the cats.

The cats did really well and enjoyed lots of pats and cuddles.  The cats on show today were :

Star – Pam’s beautiful blue Burmese.

Summer and Tilly – owned by Lyn and Lew of Recherche Burmese.

Mr G – owned by Vicki, Sorrel and Erica of Myasanda Burmese

And of course, our beautiful Lilac Ted-E was there as pictured with Nikki.

A big thanks to Gordon for running the BBQ and giving me some BBQ’ing tips from a pro too.

Also, a final big thanks to Nicolette and the awesome staff at Animates Tower Junction for having us in store today to help us promote our upcoming show on the 21st of May 2016.


Is Izzie on pot???

No,Izzie isn’t using a decorative pot as a litter box here.   She’s simply leapt up to a higher plateau to make her plea a little clearer that she wants outside……and EVEN if it’s raining.  Of which the opportunity was given to her shortly afterwards and she very promptly returned back inside upon getting wet <sigh>  Now, who can relate to that? Smile


Happy New Year!

Well, what better way to start the new year than with a brand new website courtesy of LightSpeed Design.

Here’s a pic of Zeva, Izzie and Ted-E Bear relaxing on the couch.  Though I feel that Zeva is quite contented, Ted-E Bear (the lilac on the right) doesn’t appear to be too impressed with the sight of Izzie’s feet…….or the camera lens :-)


Been a while..

It’s been a little while since we last posted an update here so here’s a pic of Abbie’s last litter at about 9-10 weeks old.  Snuggled in the sweatshirt is SoxNDots I’m Just Pretty In Pink (or more commonly known as Ted-E).  The other kitties from left to right are Vinnie, Artemis, Ron, Inky, and finally Zena.  Not completely sure were Kitten #7 (Simba) was hiding during this pic but I have a sneaking suspicion that he may have been annoying the cameraman’s feet. :)


Birth Announcement

Sire: Gr Ch Aurora Burberry Dream (Rocci)
Dam: Ch Soxndots I’m Just the Beez Kneez (Abbie)

We would like to welcome to the Sox ‘N’ Dots Family, Rocci and Abbie’s babies – 4 boys and 3 Girls born on Monday 22nd of June 2015.  The kittens weighed between 67 and 82 grams and are all doing well.  These kittens will be either Chocolate or Lilac.

Izzie (Abbie’s Mum) has been helping out with the Babies.

Many thanks to Vicki Patterson from Myasanda Burmese for her help today, Abbie certainly kept Glen, Vicki and I on our toes popping out kittens sometimes within minutes of each other.

Abbie, Izzie and babies



Birthday Wishes – Sophie, Leo, Abbie, Cocoa and Inti

The kittens from Izzie’s first litter have turned one on the 31st of March.

Sophie also had her birthday on the same day and she was 4 years old :)

All these beautiful burmese babies share their birthday with my son Kieran, who was 22 years old.


Many thanks to Rebecca and Ashleigh for sending us this photo of Cocoa and Leo – these two are just gorgeous :)



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